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Laminating Services


Add strength and durability to your prints or photographs for restaurant menus, trade shows, point of purchase displays and promotional items. Protect printed materials from tearing, smudging, dirt and stains. Strengthen printed materials to be handled repeatedly.

  • We are able to laminate any paper size from 1.5” x 2” up to 60” wide and any length.

  • Our high speed automated machinery can run press sheet sizes 8.5” x 11” to 27” x 40”.

  • Lamination can be single or double side

  • Trim can be flush or edge seal.


Wide Format Laminating:

Laminate up to 60” Wide

We can also mount your large format prints to foam core or gatorboard.

We can laminate premounted board for extra protection or dry erase application. 


Thermal Laminating Options:

  • Clear polyester – high-gloss, durable. (most popular)

  • OPP – high-gloss, write-on/wipe-off surface for use with dry erase markers. Great for one-sided applications.

  • Matte-finish polyester – low-gloss, durable and great for readability.

  • Textured laminates ie: Scuff-free, Soft Touch, Velvet, and more.

  • Metallic laminates are printable, gluable, and stampable.

  • Scratch Resistant Matte.

  • Floor Graphic material.

  • Custom laminates for every project.


Laminating Thicknesses available:

  • 1.2ml, 1.5mil, 1.7mil, 3mil, 5mil, 10mil. (specialty orders for 4:6 Mapped)


Edge Options:

  • Flush Cut, Edge Sealed, Varied Margin Seal, Round Corners, Square Corners.

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